Our New Signage for Dunans Castle

Thanks to funding from the Cruach Mhor Windfarm Trust we have now installed (albeit using a temporary frame) the new Dunans Castle signage. We’re thrilled with it, and hope it will ensure that no-one ends up driving past our entrance three or four times before finding us — and doesn’t the SGS sign look good in contrast?

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3 thoughts on “Our New Signage for Dunans Castle

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  2. Hello! My full name is Elizabeth Ann Fletcher Anderson. My maiden name is Fletcher, but kept it, when I got married for a middle name as well as Ann. I am very interested in my back heritage, it was brought up through out my life. All about my Scottish heritage, and what part of Scotland we were from, originally. And Dunan is not very well known, in Scotland, as I have inquired many times when we have been over there. My husband was born in Scotland. All his family is still there-Anderson. My Father was proud of his Scottish background, and I am as well, and would love to know more about the Dunans Castle. Thank you, Elizabeth

  3. Hi – I was looking at your main website and had to google you to find out where you are located. It would be useful to have that on the Laird/Lady website – maybe I justcouldn’t see it. Also, could not find any prices for the Laird/Lady package – where can this be found?

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