The Tallest Tree in the UK

Sparsholt College at the Dunans Douglas Fir
Image by forargyll via Flickr

On February 19th, 2009 a team from Sparsholt college in Hampshire climbed the tree at Dunans (pictured left), re-named the Stronardron Douglas Fir by its new owner. The tree, planted by Archibald Fletcher in 1849 is the centre-piece of a stand of magnificent firs which cluster by the A-listed Dunans Bridge, and the Chaol Ghleann’s most profligate Salmon and Trout pool. This copse of mammoths was planted, along with another ten or so upriver from the bridge, to bring drama to a landscape which at its centre sits the partially renovated ruin of Dunans Castle.

The UK’s tallest tree, standing amongst its slightly smaller brethren, is best viewed from Dunans Castle.

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