Dunans from the bridge

One of Argyll's hidden jewels

One of Argyll’s hidden jewels

3 thoughts on “Dunans from the bridge

  1. I am so pleased to see the restoration of Dunans and the estate. My great aunt and uncle were Cyril and isa Greenstreet who worked there – Isa was the cook. They had a flat in the old part of the castle. I spent many happy holidays there in the 60s. We would go fishing in the river, hunting for rabbits up the hill and the estate was a magical playground to a young child.
    Auntie isa lived on in the lodge long after my uncle died. She is now well into her 90s and living in nursing home in Dunoon
    Keep up the good work. I hope I might visit the castle again one year.

  2. @Tony — Great to hear from you. We have heard a great deal about Isa and Cyril from Donnie McPhail, and we did meet Isa before she left the lodge. When you do make it here, you must, please, knock on our door (we’re living in the Annex) and come in for a tea … we’d love to hear more!

  3. Good Evening,
    Looking to come to your fair country and would love to visit. thinking of beomming a “Lady” at last (hahhaha)

    For location’ where abouts is the closest known town /city and how long is the drive .
    Thanking you. Looking forward to our trip in June 2011. any information on your country ie tips and trips would be appreciated.
    Cheers Lois.

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