Dunans Aerial shot

Showing the full roof c. 1980

Showing the full roof c. 1980

One thought on “Dunans Aerial shot

  1. I am wondering what state of repair Dunans is in at the present time? My husband, Charlie Fletcher, was stationed in Scotland back in the 1970s. He accidentally found Dunans. He said that some renovation was going on at that time. Colonel Archibald Fletcher met him outside. When he discovered he was a Fletcher, he took him inside and gave him a small tour. He showed him the book of lineages and in it was recorded the name of my husband’s grandfather (possibly great grandfather?) and the date he came to America. My father in law did not relay to him the Fletcher history and now we are trying to research it.
    He was sorry to hear that Colonel Fletcher passed away.
    We also hope to visit within the next few years.
    I really enjoy this site!

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